Tuesday 17 July 2012

A new painting was added to the website today. I've been thinking about the photograph of the forest all day. It's starting to perneate through I think! Oscar's still kicking around :)

I think that I have now finally sorted out the payment options and shipping details on my website. If anyone notices any glaring errors PLEASE let me know! I am offering free postage on orders over £100 (a) because I'm generous to a fault and (b) I sort of lost interest in trying to do the shipping calculations. I hope I don't regret this :(

This just cropped up on Facebook so I thought I'd half inch it before it vanishes into the ether. Lovely from the Art and Design page

Two new paintings have been added to my site this morning. Your Honest Heart and All The Stars In Heaven. Both titles are taken from Deacon Blue songs (they were featured in a televised concert over the weekend and I've been unable to get Queen Of The New Year out of my head) The paintings are also the first that feature our cat Oscar. We have two cats Oscar and his sister Tilly (they were named Ping and Pong when we got them from the Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary but my son felt that this was unacceptable, I agreed) It is very difficult to tell one of the cats from t'other so Oscar sports a rather natty glittery gold collar whilst Tilly has a similarly sparkly red one. Should Tilly turn up in a subsequent painting at least you'll be able to recognise her. I hope you like the paintings :)

Sunday 15 July 2012

Rather predictably I managed to break my email on Thursday (Thanks Theresa for alerting me to this!) I think that I've managed to patch things up again but I apologise to anyone who has been trying to get in touch. Happy Sunday y'all.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Well that's the new website live and, if not exactly kicking, it's shuffling around looking at it's shoes.