Thursday 13 June 2013

I've had a quiet morning so I've updated the website with the new paintings :)

I hope you like them :)
best wishes rich

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Well, things are moving on apace. Ebay has pretty much been given the old heave-ho, It was good while it lasted but I need to take the next step careerwise I think. So, new galleries and a few new shows :)
I will be taking part in the following
Open Exhibition at Lovely's Gallery in Margate Kent from 29th June through to 31st July 2013
Summer Show at The Singing Soul Gallery in Cranbrook Kent August 2013
FEVA summer show at the Art In The Mill Gallery in Knaresborough Yorkshire August 2013
Association of British naive artist Summer Show in St Ives Cornwall 18th to 31st August
Hmm, August looks busy :(

Also new galleries carrying my work include

And coming soon... :)

That's enough for a while I think :0

Thursday 14 March 2013

Possibly the worst blogger in the world? It's been drawn to my attention that I hadn't set my website up correctly so anyone who's tried to send me an email via my contact page will have received an automated reply saying that I'd get back to them and that was it. I haven't received any of the emails!
This has now been rectified but it's gnawing away at me that anyone that may have contacted in the last year would simply think that I was ignoring them. :(
If any such person reads this then please get in touch!
Thank you
Rochester 14th march 2013